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Why Champagne hangovers are the worst

Sometimes Champagne can be evil

Champagne is a celebratory drink but the morning after it can just be a devil. Champagne is easy to drink, hard to say no to, and you can leave you with one hell of a hangover. Especially, on nightouts with your bestfriends at VIP Room St.-Tropez...

"Champagne is famous for inducing a painful hangover because the carbon dioxide that makes the tipple fizzy speeds up the absorption of alcohol"

According to an article of the dailymail, Champagne hangovers are even the worst you can imagine. This is because of the quicker rate of alcohol absorption that leads to a worse hangover the next day.

In Paris, going out on the weekend is for tourists. The best "soirées" happen during the week. The bad thing is that you normally have to go work next day. Since French people drink Champagne not only on New Year's, I consider them experts in hangover curves. First of, French start their work pretty late (9h30 vs. 8h00 in Germany). But still, it takes time to fully fight off Champagne hangover and that is why they invented this magic formula:

Croissants + hydration + Doliprane + (a light jog) = Renaissance

After having danced all night long, my French friends like to go to their famous bakeries straight after the club in order to get the very first croissants. That's a pretty classy move to prevent hangover. The high fat-content in the croissants is meant to avoid hangover. I couldn't find any scientifically proven research about the efficiency of this method but one thing is for sure: It's delicious. 

Next morning it can happens though that bubbly has been stronger than the croissants. In this case, they normally opt for hydration by drinking a lot of Badoit table water or/and orange juice. This exquisite table water is meant to have magical hangover cure power. The fructose in the orange juice helps recovering as well. If all this didn't better the situation fast enough, French are not afraid to take some medicine. A packet of Doliprane costs less than 2 € in France. You see, Champagne hangover even dropped the prices of headache pills.

The last part of the formula is a personal enlargement. As a track and field athlete, I know that a light workout such as lifting moderate weights, going for a little walk or jog, doing 20 minutes of swimming, has always made me feel better.

When you can cure a Champagne hangover the French way, well, after all it cannot be that evil.

Keep drinking Champagne.

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